About Us

When we’re not on vacation …

we’re planning a vacation…

or trying to get people to go on vacation with us.

Many thanks to our amazing family who puts up with all the begging.

Welcome to our blog!

Daytrips and Daydreams is a passion project created by 2 sisters with a goal of making every day a new adventure and an aspiration to help you do the same!

If you think travel planning is hard or you can’t travel because you don’t have enough time or money, hopefully we can help you conquer that belief! Sometimes we travel together, sometimes we travel alone, but we always use travel hacks, tips and tricks to get the most out of our trips for less. Hopefully we can help you do the same!

Whether you’re looking for a quick day trip, a weekend getaway or a great vacation, we hope our adventures can inspire you to get out and explore, travel and find the extraordinary moments in every day.

Who we are.

grateful there's ice cream


Rochelle | writer, designer, traveler

  • thinks about Disney a lot
  • is grateful that Disney has mini-beaches
  • also thinks about beaches and islands and beach houses
  • considers world domination via getting as many beach houses as she can
  • comforted by Disney’s Vacation Club… which seems like less work than beach house collecting
  • also likes tea and movies and flip flops and writing and designing stuff



Melanie | photographer, writer, traveler

  • Nonstop Flight Snob
  • Mom to G
  • Photographer
  • Disney Addict
  • Coffee (and chocolate!) lover
  • DIY enthusiast
  • Sunset obsessed (especially by the ocean)
  • Cupcakes. Yummm

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