A Rose Gold Lifestyle: 5 Cheap Ways to Add More Rose Gold to Your Life

We can thank Apple for returning Rose Gold to its former 90’s glory. Sure it may just be a fad, but we love the mindset. As the cooler, sexier, younger sister of Gold, Rose Gold brings an element of fun, whimsy, and child-like wonder that it’s about time we all had!

If you’re not ready to commit the extra 100 bucks that Rose Gold Phone is gonna cost you, here are a few much, much cheaper ways to add a little whimsy to your flirty, fun lifestyle.

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Rose Gold KitchenWare

Everyone needs a little pampering. We go crazy for specialty teas and coffees to help us unwind and relax. So this cute little teapot for loose leaf tea really hits the spot. If you’re a tea devotee you’ll get to spend time with this chubby little teapot anytime you’re feeling up, down or just need to relax. The rose gold color will definitely perk up your day and get you in the right mood to seize the day.


Rose Gold teaset daytripsanddaydreams.com rose gold lifestyle

Rose Gold Hair

Not as daring as blue hair, but still quite fetching. We love the new rose gold hair fad. Melanie is bound and determined to try out Rose Gold hair this spring, so be on the lookout for updates. Far as we can see Rose Gold hair is cooler than unicorn hair and you can still get away with wearing it at a “real” job, without getting yelled at by your boss. Not to mention this could automatically replace any of your highlights for some subtle fun.
daytripsanddaydreams.com rose gold hair color rose gold life

Rose Gold Home Decor

If you’ve been to Target lately you can literally walk through a whole aisle filled with rose gold decor. Heavenly as it may seem I can hardly justify the 30 dollar pillow let alone the 120 dollar rose gold side table that would turn my living room into the palace it deserves to be. Luckily, small additions like these handmade rose gold coasters and serving board are pretty versatile and can be used in many different ways ( as the base of a candle, or placed under a vase) to add a little sparkle to your room.


daytripsanddaydreams.com rose gold lifestyle home decor

Rose Gold Beauty Makeup Brushes

Why not remind yourself daily of your new La Vie En Rose outlook on life with these posh rose gold and pink makeup brushes. Makeup brushes should be replaced at least once a year so why not spend the 18 dollars for the set and start fresh. Your face will thank you.

Rose Gold makeup brushes daytripsanddaydrems.com


Rose Gold Accessories

I am a sucker for accessories. While I do have issues spending money on yet another throw pillow if you show me something from Tiffany’s I don’t care how much I have to pay for it to quickly be mine. Thankfully this 18 dollar cuff won’t set you back that far. We adore the “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” quote from Pooh’s Grand Adventure and love that we can wear some hidden Disney while still looking stylish.

Rose Gold Bracelet winnie the pooh disney daytripsanddaydreams.com

Whatever you choose to add to your life for the mindful season of Lent, be sure to have some fun with it. Be curious, be whimsical, be romantic.





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