Road Trip: Portland, Maine

If you’re up for a soft adventure, the new term describing adventuring for the general public ( i.e. no extreme sport skills required) Maine may just be your next road trip.

With activities that are physical but low risk( no chance of death- woohoo!) you can enjoy guided sailing, family float trips down Penobscot River, and rock climbing.  With all the promise of a great outdoors vacation you can also count on an authentic New England culture, fishing towns and handmade items galore.

So if you are ready to take that next step to becoming a travel adventurer, dive into the travel checklist of what you should do, see and eat in Portland, Maine.


Where to Stay

Our first choice for the Portland, Maine area is airbnb. Yes, take the opportunity to claim someone else’s home for this trip. Cheaper than the hotels in the area, you may want something  to stumble back into at the end of a long day and where you can prepare your own meals or craft an ice pack after all that soft adventuring.

If you choose to get pampered instead then take advantage of the walking opportunities during your visit and check in to the Portland Harbor Hotel. This one is a mid-level hotel, so a little pricier, but at the end of your rowing/ rock climbing/ hiking excursions you’ll be thrilled to come back to this hotel. Steps away from the wharf you can take advantage of complimentary bikes here and explore on your own.

What to do

Attractions: Spring Point, Ledge Lighthouse: Open in the summers, you can explore the dog-friendly beach here and learn about the history of Portland Harbor.


Shopping: A favorite is Seabags. Right on the wharf you can browse with your morning coffee if staying in town. These tote bags are made from upcycled sails, these bags will never let you down.


If you want to make a day of it, venture to the rustic shipyards in Bath, Maine . The town is host to shops, great dining and a 3rd Friday art walk.

Beach: Popham Beach State Park  is stunning. During low tide you can cross the sandbar and head over to Fox Island for more exploring.

Also, there will be an array of companies that host soft adventures, so check on tripadvisor for what feels like a good fit for you and your travel companions.

Where to eat

Flatbread Company: You will have a moment during your trip where you don’t want anymore seafood…when that happens hop on over to have the most amazing fired flatbread.


Street & Co. : This is the place to go for seafood. Locally sourced, grilled, broiled, in the pan or with linguini- you can get any seafood you want here.

Bard Coffee: You’re going to want to visit this coffee place a couple times simply to try the flavors and hang out in the atmosphere. Just a couple blocks from the wharf, it’s definitely worth the visit.


The drive up to Portland Maine is perfect in all seasons so whatever the weather be sure to take the trip. Its exactly the kind of refreshing road trip you will be glad you took!


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