Frozen Ever After in Epcot: An Icy Blast!

With the announcement of Frozen Ever After opening in Epcot at Walt Disney World came quite a bit of buzz, both good and bad regarding the placement of the new ride. Regardless of any chatter going on within the Disney community though, the ride quickly became the most sought after experience to be had. Rumors of 300 minute waits and multiple closures due to mechanical issues began swirling and before I knew it, I was actually standing in line at a Toys R Us(here in Ohio) talking to a complete stranger about the current situation in Orlando.  Would I be able to get fastpasses for our September trip? She didn’t think so. Would I, too, have to wait hours to see Elsa and Anna in their new home in Norway? Suddenly I began to remember why my mother taught me not to talk to strangers…..its bad business….

Anyway, after to talking to said stranger I came home and double checked my FP scheduling window to make sure I would be ready for the challenge. It was very uneventful and honestly, I had no problem getting a FP for the ride. I could’ve actually gotten one for every day we had planned to be at Epcot as there were multiple times available. Moral of the story: if you are staying on property at Walt Disney World, just pay attention to your FP window, stay up until midnight to schedule them and you will probably be fine.


If you’re not staying on property and were unable to snag a FP through the standard 30 day window, it can get a little trickier. While there are several plans that can be implemented here, I personally think the best is to simply get there as early as you can and when the rope drops, make a dash for it. While this is not the most thought out plan, in all honesty, it will probably get you there the fastest. The ride opens at 9a.m.(or 8a.m. during EM hours) so while getting an early breakfast reservation at Akershus might seem like the most civilized of plans, trying to squeeze in a full sit down meal and meeting all of the princesses can really be a stretch. If you do choose this route, let your server know and be willing to miss out on a few princess encounters if you run out of time.img_3727

The ride itself is amazing. The animatronics, the sound quality and the layout of the ride are all top notch and I will admit this is one ride you do not want to miss while at Walt Disney World. That being said, I LOVED Maelstrom and was very saddened when I had heard it was being replaced so I had very high expectations for this ride and I wasn’t disappointed. If you are planning to take photos during the ride, be sure to adjust the settings on your camera beforehand; the ride is very dark and we didn’t realize this until it was too late!




img_3732The ride is set up the same as Maelstrom. Take a seat in a boat which starts off going forward and you will get to see some familiar faces like Anna, Olaf and Sven with their always lovely musical stylings. Then as you watch Elsa sing the famous “Let It Go”, the boat will take you backwards in true Maelstrom fashion! Don’t forget to wave to Marshmallow and the Snowgies as you glide past them!img_3742img_3737


While it was great getting a fast pass, what little we saw of the queue was truly beautiful and I have heard that the entire line is great so if you do miss out on a FP, hopefully you can enjoy what it has to offer!


We loved the new Frozen Ever After ride and if you have the opportunity, we highly suggest adding it to your Walt Disney World must-do’s!



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